Kagaonsen Hot spring area

At the foot of the sacred mountain, the road opens up to the sky

Although situated quite a distance from Kanazawa, this area has an aesthetic sense reminiscent of the Hyakumangoku culture of the wealthy Kaga clan.


Kaga City is made up of the six areas of Daishoji, founded by the Daishoji clan, the three hot springs Yamanaka, Yamashiro and Katayamazu, Hashidate on the Japan Sea, and Iburihashi facing the old main road. Just as the three hot spring areas look completely different, these six towns each have their own history and distinctive lifestyle. On sunny days, the noble, awe-inspiring Mt. Hakusan is set off prominently against the blue sky. The mountain is said to be the mother of Kaga.


This is the region that produced the mountaineer and literary scholar Kyuya Fukada, and the snow scientist Ukichiro Nakaya, and attracted many historical figures such as Basho and Rosanjin. The four seasons and land of the sacred mountain harbor a mysterious charm.

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