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加賀山中温泉 大内峠に石碑

歴史上に現れた人々に思いを馳せながら登山ができる。北陸 加賀温泉郷 山中温泉

Prefectural border “Ouchi Pass” of Ishikawa and Fukui.
It is the mountain village that prospered as a village of the woodworkers from the Taisho era through the Showa era, but it is now with an abandoned village.
Ouchi Pass said to have the history more than 1,000 years as a point of the borders.
It became the course that nobody passed after a tunnel was done. Triggered by having maintained a mountain trail linking the ogee-arched window mountain from this Ouchi Pass, I will install a monument in the mountain pass.
Oba who is the member of the meeting where it loves Hisaya Fukada that it arranged Ouchi society of former villagers, a mountain trail to install.
It progressed from the foot, and, on July 15, 2012, the volunteer of both meetings established the monument of approximately 70 kg made of granites.
Ogee-arched window ancient morality to convey a mountain pass of Chitoshi informed that Ren-nyo(One of very famous Buddhistic priests for Japanese) went and the trace of the way of the mountaineering asceticism.
Mountain climbing is possible while thinking about the people who appeared on the history.
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